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4 myths about moving out of an old apartment

So you just got a new apartment, what next ? Moving out of the old one. You can ask friends or family and you will find that most of them have moved at least once in their lifetime. Everybody seems to have a moving experience to share and some moving advice to give. Everyone has heard a few moving horror stories and a number of popular moving superstitions. Accidental acts are now seen as standard practices and rumors had been converted into facts. It’ll pay to forget all the old wives’ tales you’ve been told, because while there might be a grain of truth to some common myths, others are severe misconceptions that may lead to major moving mistakes if taken at seriously.

If you want your moving day to go off without a hitch, it will be important to educate yourself, do a lot of prep work and move into your new apartment with a clear head. We’ve put together 4 of the most common myths about moving out.

1. You can do it alone

Stressed due to packing

Just because you’ve cleared your schedule for the day and had a few energy drinks, you think you can move out just by yourself ? A big No! Unfortunately, most people believe they can easily move house without any assistance. They are just kidding. Moving house requires immense organisation and getting all moving parts working together at once. No matter how many times you’ve moved house before, it’s never going to be ‘easy’. Also, a self move is almost always a false economy as expenses might arise as you go, from hiring a bigger vehicle to fit your loads, to buying wraps and cartons to size your luggages.. There is also the issue of having to take additional time off work to arrange and pack everything in advance of the move. You might get used to the stress, but why cope with that when you can simply hire a professional mover, an experienced firm that handles all packing, insurance and transportation for your big moving day.

2. Friday is the best day to move

Moving day
This is the most common misconception about moving because while It may be convenient to move on the last workday of the week, so that you have the entire weekend to unpack your belongings and get settled, the drawbacks of a Friday-move far outweigh any possible advantages:

a) The moving costs will be higher – many people choose to move on Fridays, so the moving companies are very busy on that day of the week and charge higher for their services. If you want to save money on your move, it can be better to book a remover on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

b) The road traffic is heavier on Fridays – Have you seen Lagos roads on weekends, crawling with many people heading home or away, parties here and there, movie premieres and concerts., the list is endless.

Also, you don’t have to pressure yourself into unpacking everything in a single weekend, take your time and spread it out over a few weeks. Get the important stuff organised, and then move onto your knick-knacks when you have a clear space in your schedule.

3. Throwing out foods and cleaning equipments

This is not so much of a myth as such. Generally speaking, it is good to get rid of anything unnecessary before moving house. However, you should keep in mind that when it comes to cleaning equipment, especially expensive appliances like vacuum cleaners, you will likely have to replace anything that you get rid of. As for foods, you can give it out to charity or even throw a move out party with friends and family.

Back to cleaning equipments, there is an urban myth about leaving your old broom behind. Unless you’re terribly superstitious, you don’t need to do it. Your old broom might be perfectly functional and do the job really well. There’s no point leaving it behind or throwing it out. Bring it with you, and it’s one less thing you have to worry about buying when you arrive at your new home.

4. You will only need as much money as your estimate says

Calculating an estimate

Your moving estimate may be quite accurate, but you’ll have to provide for a number of other expenses along the way. Apart from the obvious moving related expenses, there is the issue of your new home rent, utilities such as disconnection fees, start up fees, utility deposits. Also renovation works for your new apartment, and your living expenses for the first couple of months such as groceries, medications, transportation and emergency expenses. You need to be well prepared

With the stress of moving to a new property, paying your rent, changing over your utilities and finding some way to get all of your packing done in time, it can be easy to forget one simple fact: you are not the first person to go through it. So always take your time to get your facts straight and avoid misconceptions.

Happy moving!

Raji Oluwaseun

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