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5 signs you need to move out

Moving out from one apartment to another is more than an overnight decision. When you just settled into an apartment, it can be hard to even imagine that you’ll want to move somewhere else one day but whether you’ve lived in your apartment for 12 months or 12 years, it’s likely that one morning you’ll wake up and decide it’s time to move out.

We all have many reasons for moving, ranging from financial to social. Also, although sometimes there’s a clear, urgent need to move, it’s important to recognize that the desire to move is often a feeling that grows stronger over time.

Now if you’re on the fence about moving out, here are tip off factors to consider in taking your decision.

1. Rent Hike

With the rate in which landlords, especially in Lagos tends to increase their rents over time, you might end up paying 500k for an apartment you moved into for 300k two years ago. When rent increases don’t match cost-of-living salary increases, it’s a strong indicator it’s time to find a better apartment and take a lot of financial stress off your shoulders.

2. You’ve Outgrown your place

If you had been living in a single room, you might prefer a two bedroom apartment probably because you have accumulated more things and want more space to store, display or use them all. Also, other life related moves such as marriage can prompt this feeling, you might feel you need a bigger apartment to accommodate you and your partner or family.

3. Bad Neighbours

Neighbours can change over time and you might find the new ones uncomfortable. If you start feeling like an outsider and find those living around you cold and distant, it’s probably time to seek out a community that feels more like family.

4. Bad commute

As life keeps moving from one phase to another, people finish schools and start a new job or switch jobs over time. Whenever this happens, there’s a big chance your new traveling route might become expensive, tiring and uncomfortable. If your job is secure and enjoyable, moving closer to work might be a great idea.

5. You can now afford a more luxurious apartment

If you just acquired wealth (just arrived) or your salary has significantly increased since the time of the lease of your current apartment, you might decide its time to upgrade and apply more of your money toward living expenses. This often prompts relocation.

All been said, even if you’re able to spend more on rent than the last time around, it’s still important to identify and separate wants from needs to help ensure your next apartment is the right one for you.

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