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5 things to look out for when choosing your next apartment

Choosing an apartment doesn’t have to be a tiresome, tedious task but have you ever moved into what seemed like the perfect apartment, only to discover a million things you hated about it after signing the lease? Moving into a new apartment can be very exciting enough for you to miss or overlook the obvious red flags. Sometimes you only get one brief walkthrough before deciding where you’ll live for the next few years. Whether you love apartment hunting or despise it, there are certain things your must-have list should include to improve your chances of loving your new home.

Here are 5 things to look out for before making that next move;

1. The Location

More important than living in the hottest neighborhood is how close your place is to things that are important to you – public transportation, work, family and friends, and conveniences like grocery stores and restaurants. Pull up your google map if need be to check your surroundings. Choose an apartment that doesn’t force you to drive an extra 30 minutes on your commute, an apartment that works with your lifestyle rather than altering it.

2. How comfortable is the new space? 

As a renter, you might need to spend a lot of time in your new apartment especially if there is a chance you will be working from home. If that’s the case, take extra care to make sure your future space is suitable for remote work. You need to ask the right questions and make necessary preparations. Will you be needing a dedicated office space? Do you have a partner or roommate who also works from home, and can you work in the same room? Is the overall environment quiet and distraction-free? You need to ask the right questions to your landlord or agent.

3. Appliances

While some people are fine with laundry in the building, others can’t live without machines in the unit. Figure out your type of person and be sure your apartment has the necessary facilities. And just like you would test out the power outlets and electrical work in the apartment, testing out these appliances is a good idea.

4. Observe the parking lot at different times of the day

If you have a car, being able to park without too much hassle is crucial. When moving into a busy apartment complex, it’s totally possible that you could have 100+ people there. That makes the parking lot very important. You will want to visit the apartment around the time everyone is getting home and leaving for work. This will give you a good idea of how hectic leaving the apartment will be and will show you how much competition for spots there is after work.

5. Security

You would be surprised at how much a neighborhood or building could change from day to night. It could be bright, calm, and safe during the day but transform into dark, chaotic, and dangerous at night. If the door to your potential apartment opens right onto the sidewalk with no fence or common entryway, safety may be a concern. Especially if you’re living alone, look for a building with a lobby, fenced and even with a gateman.

There are a lot of questions to ask when it comes to how to choose an apartment, and a lot of information to filter through in pinpointing a perfect match. Don’t hesitate to ask more pointing questions of the agents or apartment managers and do a background research by yourself.

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