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5 Things to look out for when renting an apartment in Lagos

The exceptionally frenzied plan of Lagosians and the ever buzzing city can make nearly everything upsetting. Counting a property search. In any case of whether you’re doing this for the first time or not, renting a house in Lagos isn’t continuously a joyride. Lagos may be a active and quick moving city with a part happening at the same time. A great number of people in Lagos make it a point of obligation to use other people’s numbness to cheat them. It may be nerve-racking and time-consuming driving most “house hunters” to form rushed choices. Each move comes with its possess stretch and challenges in any case of the location.

We have taken our time out to put together this list of things to look out for, that might at slightest help in facilitating your stretch while trying to secure an apartment for yourself.

1. Proximity to Landmark, Workplace and Schools

Lagos is the financial capital of Nigeria but don’t indeed get it twisted. There are places in Lagos without a simple address. You wouldn’t want people coming to seek for you and you’ve got to stand on the roadside to get them all the time. For a few other reasons counting an emergency, you’d need to rent an apartment that can be effortlessly traceable by people. Asides that, another factor to consider is; how close is the location of my planned apartment to my place of work? In the event that you’ve got children, you might want to consider the distance between their schools and the apartment. It is not enough to rent an apartment, you must also consider how the standard of living can become better as a result of the apartment you are renting.

2. Search for houses during raining seasons

When searching for an apartment in Lagos, it is now an advisable custom for you to check the house during the day and at night and even more encouraging, during the rainy season. Be it on the Island or the mainland. The reason for this is that there are certain locations that are prone to flood and there are some situations where the landlords won’t tell you that the roofs leak. You wouldn’t want a situation when there is a heavy downpour by 2am in the midnight and you need a boat to even step out of your room. This is why we advise you to take your time to inspect the property and environment well.

3. Pre-paid meter Electricity

Even while power is unsteady, payment for the power isn’t. On the off chance that you rent an apartment without a pre-paid meter, there’s a an expansive plausibility that you might come home after work to darkness even while you are not owing. Such is the reality of Lagos. Once your house doesn’t have an installed pre-paid meter, you will be at the mercy of the electricity officers (commonly referred to as NEPA) and their often over estimated billing system. This is why we are encouraging you to find a house that uses prepaid meters.

4. Is there Water?

Asides power issues, the accessibility of clean water is very essential and a lot of things depends on water. In fact, everything does. Amid your assessment of the house, check for the accessibility of water, the quality of water, the supply source, the capacity tanks, and the frequency of pumping. This is important.

5. Read Tenancy agreement and collect your receipt!

There are houses with laws that won’t allow you to move around at certain periods of the day while others have laws that will prevent you from using your power generating set at certain periods of the night. It is very important that you properly read and understand the tenancy agreement & quit notice before making payment and putting pen to paper. Also, never make the mistake of not collecting your receipt. After making all necessary payments for the property, ensure you get a written receipt with your name on it, name of the landlord, date of payment, amount paid, location of the property and length of time to rent expiration.

There you have it, either you are a first time renter in Lagos or not, these are the essential knowledge you need to have.

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