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Customer Of The Month: Kwaba Is Amazing!

We decided to celebrate one of our customers for the month of March and we interviewed him. Here are the questions and responses:

What do you do for a living?

I am an industrialist. I have a company of my own that produces groundnut oil

Do you pay rent?

Yes I do, my company also pays rent in Onitsha 

How have you been paying rent?

It has not been easy with the way the country is now and I pay it yearly

How did you get to know about Kwaba?

A friend of mine who used Kwaba to sort his rent before travelling overseas told me about it last year and I registered and started using it for my rent savings

Why did you choose Kwaba?

I love the way the features were arranged most especially saving to own a house, even if it’s not ready now. Everything about Kwaba is just amazing. For me, Kwaba is good.

How do you feel about using Kwaba?

Customer service is very efficient when solving issues. You can reach them on call or even Whatsapp and I’ve even started telling people about Kwaba. Kwaba is very nice

Since you started using Kwaba, has there been any improvement in your attitude towards saving. If yes, tell us how?

Yes of course, there has been a tremendous amount of improvement. I have been saving since and I have used many platforms. What is amazing about Kwaba is the fact that I can save for the long term. I like long term savings and I do it with Kwaba.

What can you say about our customer service experience?

In recent times, the customer experience has been very amazing. You even respond to people at night and I wonder “these people no dey sleep?” 

Do you have any more comments about Kwaba?

I want Kwaba to work on giving us virtual accounts so that I can have all my money in one place and know Kwaba manages all my money.


We’ll be having this episodes every month and our customer of the month. Stay tuned!

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