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How to Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Don’t have a big budget to blow this Valentine’s Day? No problem! Here are 4 budget-friendly ways to enjoy your Valentine’s Day this year!

Movie Night at Home

movie night at home. how to enjoy valentines day on a budget

Valentine’s day is a great time to revamp your regular ‘Netflix and chill’. Take things to the next level by buying or making your own snacks and decorating the room with romance-inspired items! Then snuggle up with your partner and binge watch as many sappy movies as possible…I recommend To All The Boys or The Notebook if you haven’t seen those yet! The best part is, if you already have a Netflix subscription all of these would cost less than N15,000 depending on what your snacks are.

Picnic Date

picnic date enjoy valentines day black couple

Few things are as romantic as a picnic. Visit a nearby beach or park and pack your favourite nibbles and snacks. Most beaches and parks charge an admittance fee that’s usually less than 5k per person. After that, the only other expense is the food you packed and if you’re able to budget well, the whole date would cost less than N15,000 in total.

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Make it a Family Affair

black family date

If you and your Valentine are parents you can make it a family affair! Get your kids and cook a delicious meal together. A date with your kids can be just as romantic. When you’re done cooking you can set up your dining table and eat together as a family. Then after the kids have gone to bed, have a fancy dessert or glass of wine for just the two of you! If you cook with things that are already in the house, that’s already saving a huge amount of money. This date would easily cost less than N10,000.

Spa Night

Spa nights are a great way to save money if you’re looking for affordable romantic dates. The ‘spa treaments’ can be anything from massages, to baths or skin care or hair care routines, the sky is the limit. One thing you might want to note is that spa nights usually require a ton of products and if you don’t already have it you might want to try something else. Otherwise spa nights can cost you next to nothing


That’s it for ways to enjoy your Valentine’s Day on a budget! Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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