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Kwaba is Nigeria’s premier fully digital integrated real estate platform that helps property searchers in Nigeria find and buy or rent properties, and access finance with ease.

The property technology Start-up is out to change the approach to real estate transactions by harnessing the power of technology and the internet to simplify the process of leasing and renting properties in Nigeria.

Kwaba has launched its all new user friendly mobile app which allows property renters in Nigeria find properties for rent without stress and access rental loans with ease.

The app, which was officially made available for download on the google play store for android and on the app store for iOS from October 2019 also comes with an interesting target savings feature that offers users the opportunity to save a certain amount monthly which adds up to the sum of their full rent at the end of their desired savings tenure. The Save for Rent feature is one of Kwaba’s two key solutions to the anxiety and financial pressure posed by advance rent payment in Nigeria. The other is the Rent Now – Pay Later feature which avails users easy access to credit facilities towards paying their rent.

According to Obinna Molokwu – Kwaba’s Chief Executive, the Save for Rent feature is designed to create a feel of monthly rent payment as well as reward users for saving towards their rent monthly, with an impressive ten percent per annum interest on the total amount saved up for their rent at the end of their desired savings tenure.

The app is set to ensure property search and renting is as easy as hotel booking, as well as provide easy access to rental financing services in order to ease the financial pressure that comes with raising funds to pay rent.

Unique Features on the Kwaba App:

Find property: Property renters are able to gain access to various properties for rent or sale across Nigeria. Users are able to rent, lease or buy property of their choice from thousands of listed properties on the app.

Video Inspection: The app comes with an impressive live-video inspection feature which is a passable alternative to physical viewing or property inspection with agents, especially for busy working-class individuals who are at work all day. This feature is also perfect for people abroad who want to rent, lease or acquire properties in Nigeria.

Rent Now – Pay Later: This a rental financing scheme designed to solve the problem of advance rent payment by providing easy-to-access rental credit facilities to cater for rent, which are in turn conveniently paid back monthly (at consumer-friendly interest rates).

Save for rent: The service gives users options to save towards their rent and earn 10% per annum interest on the amount saved per annum. The app lets you enter your rent amount and choose the number of months you want to save it up, then calculates the amount you need to save, and automatically saves that amount for you at the programmed time (if set to do so).

How Kwaba works?

The Kwaba app and site have been designed for easy accessibility on mobile devices or laptops

  1. Download App
  2. Sign up on the app
  3. Select service- find property/rent now pay later/ save for rent
  4. Find property: Search through a constantly updated database of thousands of properties on our website. You can either apply to rent now and pay immediately or rent now and pay later. You can choose to inspect properties through video viewing or schedule a physical viewing with agent.
  5. Download tenancy agreement from agent online
  6. Pay online
  7. Get keys and move in
  8. Get discounts on professional handyman services for repairs, installations, painting, cleaning and other domestic services in your new home.

Free Download

The app is completely free to use. Visit Kwaba – Rent Now, Pay Later to download.

With an emphasis on seamless user experience, aesthetics, and convenience, the new Kwaba Mobile App promises ‘best-in-class’ in mobile property search and rental financing services.







Raji Oluwaseun