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Any intending tenant must ensure he/she enters into an agreement with the landlord of the apartment. This agreement is referred to as a tenancy agreement.  A tenancy agreement is a binding document that creates a legal relationship between a landlord and a tenant. A landlord agrees to rent his property to a tenant for a fixed period of time at a fixed price.

A landlord being the owner of a property is entitled to lay down certain rules for the tenant to adhere to and conversely, the tenant is required to either accept or reject these rules. The tenancy agreement is, therefore, a mutual agreement between the tenant and the landlord. There are various clauses in the tenancy agreement with obligations for the landlord and tenant to fulfil which will be discussed below.

Landlord Obligations to Tenant

1.  The landlord has the obligation to maintain the external structures of the property and make repairs for fair wear and tear.
2. The landlord has the obligation not to infringe on the tenant’s privacy.
3. The landlord has the obligation to ensure the apartment is in a tenantable condition, that is, the property must be in a proper state
4. The landlord must inform the tenant of any defect in the property that may not be visible.

Tenant Obligation to Landlord
1. The tenant promises to pay the rent as at when due.
2. Pay the utility bill, water bill, waste bill and other bills.
3. Must not destroy the properties in the house and if such happens the tenant would have to repair it.
4. Maintain and keep the premises clean at all time.

This is a detailed promise between the landlord and tenant, however, it is advisable for the tenant to read the tenancy agreement carefully before signing.

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