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signs its time to move out of your parents house

4 Signs You Need to Move out of Your Parents’ House

Living with your parents is an amazing idea in theory. Your mum probably cooks all your meals and most importantly all the bills are paid for! Providing you with extra funds to live lavish but, there comes a time when every bird must leave the nest. If you’re unsure if it’s time to move out of your parents’ house we can help. Here are 4 clear signs it’s time to get your own space. 

Bringing Your Significant Other Home is Awkward

bringing your significant other home

Actively dating while living with your parents is difficult for so many reasons. What happens when your date wants to come home with you? Can you imagine the drama of a typical Nigerian parent if they find a member of the opposite sex in your room?  That alone is enough reason to have a space of your own.

They Don’t Respect Your Privacy

move out of your parents house

Part of being an adult means having some sort of privacy but when you’re living with the people that raised you, privacy is a foreign concept. They invade all areas of your life without warning. From barging into your room to listening in on your phone calls. And when you mention it to them it’s ‘am I not the one that bathed for you when you were small’ etc. Honestly, if this is you, you deserve better sis and you should just get your own space as soon as you can.

You Don’t Get Along 

mother warn her daughter for bad behavior, isolated on white

Most people don’t realize until after university just how much they don’t like their parents. You probably went home every other week and spent so little time with them that you guys got along great. Now that you’ve been home for over a year, however, it’s a different story. They constantly nag and criticize your every move so much so it’s beginning to frustrate you. Regardless of what it is that you might be facing, being around a toxic and negative space can be very draining on anyone. Moving out would do wonders for your mental health. It might even improve your relationship with them in the long run!


You Feel Like You’re in a Cage

trapped in a cage

One of the main problems with living with your parents is that they never see you as an adult. Having to ask for permission to leave your house might have been okay at 16 but at the age of 25, it’s just ridiculous. Following strict rules at home as an adult can be hard. If you constantly have to follow their rules and it’s preventing you from living your best life, it might be time to consider moving out. 


If you can relate to any of these it might be a good time to planning how to get your own space. Moving out of your parents’ house may be uncomfortable at first, but you will experience a whole new level of independence, privacy, and self-worth having to take on and do things completely on your own. Moving out may end up being exactly what you need. Move into your new place without breaking the bank. Visit to get started

Abraham Olaleke