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One approach to investing as a millennial

Last weekend was a bit dull for me. It was Saturday afternoon and my wife was doing the weekend shoppings so I decided to get a drink or two with ‘the boys’. Kunle and Tunde met me at our usual spot and we got down to it. I was on the second glass when Kunle raised a striking topic ‘the new imposed rent charge by the government “omo e be things, for this Lagos I said” like the controversial singer Nairamarley sang. We all laugh and sighed at the same time. But we were nowhere off the topic yet, I can see the worries on their faces. Kunle went ahead to explain how hard things had been lately considering the current economy of the country. How he was nearly evicted from his apartment if not for Kwaba that came to the rescue. Tunde’s experience was no different. How his salary can barely hold him together. His landlord almost came kicking his doors. Thanks to Kwaba again, he still has somewhere to lay his head.

Yes, Kwaba (you heard them right) They expected to hear me say ‘what is Kwaba ?’ but instead I smiled. They thought I must be having it easy but no, I already knew of Kwaba. Infact, Kwaba and I had been in partnership for a while now 😌. What they didn’t know was that as i was paying my rent monthly via Kwaba, I was paying their own rent (Kunle and Tunde) as well. They looked at me, confused. Kunle asked how ? I emptied my glass and poured a refill ‘pay attention boys, I said’

After each instalment payment i make monthly, i have more disposable income to grow my money via investments. For me, i invest in RentCrowdy to earn returns of 12% in 6 months and 26.4% in 12 months. I sipped my drink and allowed them dig that in.

It may sound like a bias but it makes so much sense to pay my rent monthly via Kwaba and invest it in RentCrowdy to help people like my boys Kunle and Tunde pay their rent monthly. Plus, i’m doing a social good and paving the way to financial freedom for my friends as well

They looked impressed so I demanded an applause.

Before we left the bar that evening, I already got nicknames like “Investor money”, “Raji the investor” and so on. I ended up paying all the bills as they insisted on investing with their own share.

😌😂 “As Baba for the boys na”


Raji Oluwaseun

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