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Pros and Cons of Renting a Furnished Apartment

The amount of furnishing in a house can immediately make you feel at home, especially when moving into a new apartment. Yes, you may need to add more and decorate to your taste. But that feeling of moving into an empty space and not knowing where to start can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where a furnished apartment makes all of the difference.

Pros of Renting a Furnished Apartment

Easy to move

We all want our moving process to be smooth and easy, no matter if we have done it before or not. If you rent a furnished apartment, it will eliminate the hassles of moving furniture during relocation.  You won’t have to deal with moving companies, or with your friends complaining about back problems from your heavy furniture.

Budget friendly

If you are a first-time renter, this might be a great option for you as it saves you from committing a chunk of your budget to buying new furniture. Some furnished apartments come with so much furniture, you might not need to buy any tangible furniture. Renting a furnished apartment will save you a lot of money upfront and you won’t have to worry about spending too much in too little time.


It is a great option for you if you are considering a short-term lease. Perhaps you’re unsure of the city and not willing to commit resources to an apartment you’re not sure how long you’ll stay, like a freelancer who travels a lot or a university student with just a short time left on your program. You might want to consider renting a furnished apartment.

It eases your settling in

Despite being a furnished apartment, you are allowed to personalise the interior design. If you want to own your furnishings, starting with a fully furnished apartment will also give you the time and opportunity to save until you can get something that suits your taste.

Cons of Renting a Furnished Apartment

Higher rent

A fully furnished apartment may cost more than you may have imagined. The furniture and accessories in the apartment were installed by the homeowner and don’t come free. You will end up paying much more than you would have paid for an unfurnished apartment.

Paying for damages

Just as you know that those furniture do not come free, costs associated with acquiring and caring for that furniture also gets passed along to the tenant. If you spill coffee on the sofa, break a chair, or your beloved dog scratches the dresser – Remember, you don’t own the furniture. As such, you will be held fully responsible for damages. If you live in an unfurnished apartment and own your furniture instead, you don’t have to replace or fix it right now and it is on you to decide when you want to do so.

Poor furniture quality

You don’t get to decide what quality of materials were used. By the look of the furniture, you can’t tell about its quality. While some flats will have high-quality furniture, others will only offer you quite used stuff which are supposed to be thrown out. It’s always easy to bring some personal touches and accents, but furniture is an important part of your home and you don’t want to overlook it.

If you are the kind of person that moves around and relocates quite frequently, furnished apartments might be an ideal choice for you. If, on the other hand, you have your own furniture and you don’t mind moving them around, then you will have no problem settling for an unfurnished apartment. If you are really keen on specifics, compare the rent of furnished apartments to the rent of an unfurnished apartment. Afterwards, you should then calculate how much you would need to spend on the extra furniture that you need.

If you decide to rent an apartment and you can’t afford the bulk rent, you can use Kwaba to split your rent payment into convenient monthly instalments.

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