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Rent Now,Pay Later

Mr. Gbagbaja is a working class Nigerian citizen who resides in Lagos. He is a family man who drives a Toyota Camry, he lives in a 3 bedroom flat to accommodate his growing family. He seem to be doing just fine. However, there is always a little voice in his head constantly reminding him of the need to pay his rent. He visits the calendar and dread the day his rent becomes due. He toss and turn at night or when he does sleep, he wakes up sweating profusely and heart racing. His account balance does not seem to give any hope and he is quite aware that there is no free money even in Freetown. He tried saving for rent but failed because he had to attend to fresh bills. He needs to pay his rent urgently but he has no bulk money to pay at once.

This story is not far-fetched from the present happenings of Lagos residents. An alarming finding showed that prices of houses have skyrocketed thereby, leaving majority of Nigerians to live in rented apartment. However, the bulk payment of rent has been an ever increasing challenge to overcome.

The good news is that Kwaba has provided a creative solution to this challenge through the Rent now,pay later service. Kwaba pays the bulk payment of your rent to your landlord and you pay back in installments! With Kwaba ;Rent now, pay later service ,you no longer have to be burdened with paying your rent in a lump sum! The benefits of our service are as follows;

  1. Fair interest rate
  2. Available to salary earners and registered business owners.
  3. Flexible tenure
  4. Rent management
  5. Seamless service
  6. Less paperwork
  7. Accessible customer service to guide you through the loan process

Download the Rent now,pay later app now to enjoy this service.



Joy Chukwujindu