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How to access your Bank Statements

Your bank statement is a summary of all financial transactions that occurred on your bank account during a specific time period. A typical bank statement may show your deposits and withdrawals for a certain time.

Among other scenarios, Bank statements are mostly required when applying for visas and loan. Whether it’s a personal loan or mortgage, you may have to provide bank statements to your lender to prove your financial standing.

Financial institutions such as Kwaba may also want to see several bank statements if you plan on refinancing your home. You can often retrieve bank statements online for free for the last year or two. If you need to go back further than what’s available online then your bank might decide to charge you for each statement.

How To Access Your Bank Statements Online

Almost all banks and credit unions offer an option to view your bank statements online for free. The process varies from bank to bank

Guarantee Trust Bank GTB

1. Through GTConnect (GTbank statement of account)

Simply send a mail to and they will immediately forward it to you in a matter of few minutes. This should be done with your registered email address register with your bank account.

2. Through internet banking

Firstly, you have to create a GTbank internet banking account,

  • Log on to your Internet banking profile
  • Click on Account Statement
  • Use the drop-down button on “Select Account” field to choose the account you intend to generate the report.
  • Use the drop-down button on “Period” field to select the desired period
  • Click on ‘Go’
  • Once the report is generated, use the drop-down button on “Export Format” to select a format.
  • Click “Export Statement”.

3. Through Email Address

Gtbank forwards the statement of account to each customer at the end of the month or first week of the upper month. So login with your registered email address to get your mini account statement. You will see all the transactions you made that month which includes the date, time with incoming payment and outgoing payment.

4. Through Mobile App

  • You need to create GTbank mobile banking.
  • Click on My Services, you will see a statement request.
  • Clicking on it will take you to another window, which you’re to select the account number, the starting date and the end date which you want to view your account statement.
  • Click on submit button and Guaranty trust bank will send the account statement to your email address.
  • Head over to your mail and download the pdf file.

5. Through Mobile phone call:

Dial +234-8039003900 or +234-802-9002900

Alternatively, you may visit a branch to request a copy of your statement.

First Bank

You can access your E-Statements anytime through Online Banking:

  • Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab and then click on ‘All Accounts.’
  • Next, click on the account you wish to see statements from and in the upper right hand of your screen, click on ‘Statements.’
  • Select the statement you wish to retrieve and click ‘View.’
  • Your statement will display as a PDF file. You can save and/or print the statement.
  • After you have successfully enrolled in E-Statements, your statements will be accessible for 18 months after they are issued. You must be enrolled in Online Banking to receive E-Statements.
Eco Bank

The e-statement is sent to your registered bank email periodically, but you can place a request and include all your necessary personal details via the bank’s customer care channels, the e-statement will be sent to you after a short while.

Send an e-mail to or call +234-800 326 2265, +234-700-500-0000

Sterling Bank

Sterling Bank has revealed that their customers can now check their statement of account online and also perform whats-app banking. WhatsApp Banking is designed for existing and prospective depositor who chat on WhatsApp and desire a reliable, convenient and safe medium of performing basic banking transactions on their mobile devices leveraging on the real-time messaging capabilities of the WhatsApp platform. With this, whatsapp banking customers can now transfer from Sterling to Sterling and Sterling to other banks’ buy Airtime and pay bills, carry out account balance enquiry, BVN enquiry and generate their statement of account.

Keystone Bank

Bank statements can be gotten by sending a duly signed instruction stating the duration of the statement to . Also, you can access your account statement via internet banking by checking transaction history.

Access/Diamond Bank

PDF format account statements are usually sent to customers monthly. For security reasons, customers are required to input their security pin to be able to access the statement.
Likewise, statements can be viewed/downloaded by logging into the Online banking service. I was provided with the following steps to achieve this;

  • Log in to your Diamond online banking with your user name and password
  • Go to account summary
  • Select the account number
  • Click on export Statement. (You may also select the other options quick statement or custom statement to view your statement)
  • Fill in the required dates
  • Click ok to Generate statement.
  • Check the export format you prefer and then ok.
  • You can open to view or save as document.
United Bank of Africa UBA

To get your bank account statement via email or call, contact: . 01-2808-UBA, 01-280882201-6319822, or 0700-CALL-UBA. You can also get your account statement via your mobile app and internet banking when you login just go to your account and check your statement of account, select the desire date of statement you need.

Zenith Bank

1. Mobile App

  • Visit the Zenith bank internet banking page if you already have an account with them. If not, download the app from either play-store or apple-store on your mobile phone.
  • Enrol or register before using the zenith bank mobile app
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Click on the account number you wish to view your statement for
  • Click on “history” on the overview page.
  • Next is to select email statement and type in the date range for which you want your account statement.
  • Again type in your email address and click send statement
  • You will receive a mail from zenith bank which bears a file in pdf format for you to download.

2. Internet Banking

  • Visit the Zenith bank internet banking page, and log in to your account.
  • Select account type you want to view or print either savings account, current account or a corporate account which is a business account.
  • Click on Account which is on the right side corner of your screen.
  • Select account summary and choose the account you wish to view statement for.
  • Select the desired date.
  • Finally, download and print.

3. Visit Branch

As a customer go to any zenith bank branch around you, meet with the customer care rep and ask them to give you a hard copy of your bank account statement. It will be charge for printing fees.

Polaris Bank

Through internet banking

  • Login to Polaris internet banking portal
  • Click on account which is on the right side corner of your screen.
  • Select account summary and choose the account you wish to view statement for.
  • Select your desired date
  • You can now download/print.
Standard Chartered

With Standard Chartered, you can view and download your 6-month bank statement using the online banking platform. To do so:

  • Click on your account number in the Overview page
  • Show filters (top right of the page under Transaction History)
  • Select Period
  • Download CSV or PDF

I believe this will require one to sign up for internet banking first. Requests for periods of more than 5 months can be sent to customer care emails ( ).

Stanbic IBTC

Here, a soft copy of your statement of account can be sent through your registered email at no cost. Like others, account details and duration of the statement should be provided in your request.

Take note that the account statement gotten online does not come stamped. It is only for informational purposes. In a case where a stamp is needed (like Visa applications), you have to visit your bank.




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