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Why we built the new Kwaba

In early 2020, we launched Kwaba as a way for renters to split their rent or rent deposit into convenient installments starting with Nigeria. However, over the last 12 months of serving our customers, we quickly realised that 

  1. Most renters waited till about 2-3 months to their rent expiration before trying to raise money for rent. 
  2. On the flip side, renters who saved for their rent or at least had the intentions to, struggled to meet their rent target because of life’s unexpected expenses.
  3. Renters want to be home owners sooner than later.

Powered by our vision to help keep the roof over the heads of Africans, we have spent the last 5 months rebuilding Kwaba from scratch. An app built not just to ease a renter’s burden on bulk rent payment but one that would ensure no renter is ever left stranded for rent. An app that will enable an easy transition from being a renter to a homeowner in the most convenient ways.

We’re super excited to present to you the new Kwaba! 

Here’s what’s new:

Mortgages: In a bid to transition renters into homeowners, the new Kwaba will provide access to quick and easy mortgage loans for aspiring homeowners. This feature will enable our customers to buy the home of their dreams and pay in convenient monthly installments. We are also glad to say that with the new Kwaba, renters can also save towards their mortgage down payment or deposit without stress.

Rent Saving: On the new Kwaba app, we’ve built in a renter focused savings product. This empowers renters to be more proactive towards raising their rent without breaking a sweat. Renters can use the solo savings feature to save independently or better still, use our buddy feature to save alongside flatmates, spouses and anyone they want as an accountability partner. We offer great returns on our rent savers money that is highly competitive and way better than any bank has to offer.

Emergency funds: One of the major factors that affects renters from successfully saving for their rent was identified to be unexpected expenses. These unplanned expenses lead renters to dip into their rent savings to fulfil their needs. At Kwaba, we understand that life happens and unexpected costs may arise. That’s why we built an instant loan feature called “Emergency funds” to help cater to various unplanned situations that life may throw at renters. The real essence of this feature is to ensure that renters do not compromise their rent savings due to emergency expenses. In light of that, every rent saver on Kwaba has access of upto 40% of their rent savings in their emergency fund wallet without touching their actual rent savings. With this feature, we will be giving renters back the power of their rent to live their choice lifestyle with more confidence.

Rent now, Pay later: At the heart of Kwaba is the rent top-up feature. On the new Kwaba, this feature has evolved. We’ve made it a last resort feature available to rent savers on Kwaba and non-savers alike. The idea behind this feature is to help renters with the remainder of their rent in the case they can’t achieve their rent savings target. We want our customers to know that with Kwaba, they will never struggle to keep the roof over their heads.

Pay bills: The one thing similar to all renters are bills. On the new Kwaba app, renters can now buy airtime and pay for major utility bills easily. The new Kwaba will become the hub for all home related expenses.

What’s Next?

We are super excited for you to try out the new Kwaba app that we’ve tirelessly built in line with our vision to help keep the roof over the heads of Africans. To get started, please visit our website at

We would also love to hear your thoughts on our product as well as what features you want us to build at Kwaba. Please send us an email at or DM us on all socials. 

We are looking forward to an exciting year of serving our customers one financial product at a time.

Building for renters with love,


Founder, Kwaba

Raji Oluwaseun

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